His absolutely AWESOME 12 pitch AB single in the second was his big hit for the night

His absolutely AWESOME 12 pitch AB single in the second was his big hit for the night cain't expect 2… What else Berkman left Clank on in the 5th, Pence got caught in a rundown in the 6th with 1 out and Manzella up, Mills called for the hit and run and Snyder had it figured out, called for a ball in the dirt, so Manzella swung through it and Pence was dead meat.Bad when the opposing catcher outsmarts your manager.Manzella singled on the next pitch, then Q struck out swinging on 3 pitches replica Bvlgari GMT40SVD Men's watch out of the zone.In the 7th, Clank stranded Kaz on second.

And of course, his great fielding unless the ball is hit in front of him.Now to clean up the pitching staff. We'll get rid of everybody except Roy and Roy Hey dude, where you think YER going?Dear Jeezus Gawd,I am feeling like a Royals fan, only worse.How about -??Wandy Is Royally Clemensed By Both His Offense And Defense.And replica Chopard 278280-2004 watch The Ump, Too, who missed calling Freddy Sanchez out at first in the 6th.Wandy pitched absolutely FANTASTIC and now all we’ll hear is how he sucks and he can’t win from the fans who want Troy Patton up here because he’ll pitch perfect games every time up and win with no run support.

SO, is Taveras safe or is he out? Cards all run off the fieldmercial arguing -Phil and ump, TLR and umpEnd of commercial answer Taveras is SAFE because once Biggio was forced out, Taveras had a right to stand on the bag and could not be tagged out because he was THEN safe.Pujols should have tagged Taveras FIRST he had time, looks like replica Tissot T17.2.486.55 Men's watch means Biggio has slowed down a LOT.Now I’m not exactly a football fan, but one of the FEW things I like about NFL games is that the refs, wearing a microphone, announce their decisions to the crowd.

Then we can play Hunter Pence who will guaranteed hit in the majors just like he has done in A for a grand

Then we can play Hunter Pence who will guaranteed hit in the majors just like he has done in A for a grand total of 2 weeks of his entire playing career which couldn't possibly be a hot streak because ballplayers don't go thru streaks and anyhow, every single guy who is hitting .342 after 3 weeks at A comes up to the ML and keeps it up.For the replica Chopard 288948 watch rest of his HOF career.See Todd Self, J.R.House heck, even see Jason Lane.Oh, sorry I forgot.He was always terrible.AA and A those were just scorer errors.Since we've gotten rid of both Burke and Biggio, we can bring up Brooks Conrad who is just as good and even cheaper.4 put Everett on waivers.

I guess the thinking is, well he looked good in spring training.So what if he can't win at A or even have a lower ERA than the other starters.So he “looked good then.BIG deal.So did Duckworth.One more thing Todd Self is hitting .412 in A, playing LF.Maybe we should send Luke Scott down and call him up…Well, the replica Tissot T04.5.165.31 Ladie's watch Pirate fans who showed up “hungry” got to see ANOTHER incredible pitchers' duel.I mean, I know I keep writing this, but it is really true.We just dropped to 8 11 by getting shut out by the Pirates 2-0.

Of the 19 games we've played, we've been shut out FOUR times.It's not that Roy was bad he certainly had a quality start replica Tissot T60.1.521.52 Men's watch and 6 K he looked decent except in the 7th, where, clearly tired, he walked the first 2 batters, loaded the bases, but managed to escape giving up only 1 run.Oliver Perez, who had SUCKED all year, sharpened his claws on our el-sucko lineup.

this means that Astacio will NOT be called up from A because Roger will be starting Fri night's game against

replica Tissot T-Navigator 3000 Steel Analog watch Tomorrow, it's Andy Pettitte LHP vs Kip Wells RHP:(all stats from thebaseballcube, espn, yahoo and baseball-reference)This year, Andy is 1 1 in 4 GS with 2 HR, 6 BB and 16 K, a 3.55 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, .268 BAA in 25.1 IP.vs Pirates: he faced them for the first time last year, going BAA.Well, Andy better pitch a no-hitter the way we've been NOT been hitting. Or else we better hope that Wells throws BP pitches…..By the way, this means that Astacio will NOT be called up from A because Roger will be starting Fri night's game against Maddux and the Cubs at OUR friendly confines…

Phil Garner has announced that Duckworth is, in fact, Duck-worthless, and will be replaced in the rotation by Ezequiel Astacio who is 0-3 with a 4.63 ERA and a 0.98 WHIP at A Round Rock.Just what the doctor ordered a guy who can't even pitch well in the minors.Why notJared Gothreaux in 4 GS, is 1-2 a 2.52 ERA, 1.08 WHIPWandy Rodriguez in replica Tissot T010.417.17.031.02 Men's watch WHIPor even ML retreadsTravis Driskill in 5 G is 2-0 with a 2.25 ERA and a 1.25 WHIPDave Burba in 8 G is 2-2 with a 3.50 ERA and a 1.33 WHIPSorry, I have no other stats and if the box scores play by play are on line somewhere, I can't find them.

- And of course, the best of em all Lidge for Carl Crawford straight up yeh, the D-rays would JUMP at that one.We could even throw in Ensberg because they need a third baseman (send Iwa whatziz back to Japan) and Burke (who needs that Upton guy and his 40 homers anyhow?) See, Carl will fill the team's need for a Genuine Certified replica Chopard 288965-3002 watch American-born Negro, and fortunately, he's got enough color to him that Those Troublemakers can't complain that he's Not A Real Black Man.Too bad the Astros didn't think of this before the Philly game.Ah well.3 put Burke on waivers he's useless.

no runners to throw out and that he struck out both times

Yes, I know that he didn't do anything, that there were no balls in the dirt to block, no runners to throw out and that he struck out both times, and the closest he came to putting wood on the bat was 2 foul tips, but hey, it doesn't matter because he's a WINNAH!And tomorrow, Wandy faces Danny Haren, who has PWNED the Astros, replica Bvlgari BB26SSD Ladie's watch even when they had guys who could hit.Heck, the Astros only managed THREE hits and 1 walk off Rodrigo Freaking Lopez, who hasn't had so much as a respectable year in the majors since 2004.Poor Wandy.I just hope that Manzella isn't benched for hitting the home run into the Craawford Boxes instead of hitting it over the CF fence as Justin Upton did last night…

We can't have that kind of behaviour, you know.- 3 weeks of the season are already gone and it seems as if the ballplayers aren't perfect they don't hit every at bat, they screw up hitnruns, they can't always move the runner like good little boys, certain guys who are responsible for playing stellar defense (don't look at Lee or Loretta) have made replica Chopard 277000-0007 watch some mistakes and this all adds up to one angry manager and many angry fans.So after 3 weeks of reading other Astros blogs and the comments on them, I have come up with the perfect solutions to fixing up the Astros:1 bench Biggio and just play him at home against leftys.

Kip Wells threw 7 innings of 1 walk, 4 hit ball.Pettite allowed 2 runs in 6 IP, Franco got TWO LHB out, Brad Lidge was wild, couldn't find the strike zone and loaded the bases before getting the last out.Everett gets CS in yet replica Tissot T30.1.485.52 Men's watch botched hit and run Phil ain't figgered out that even the dumbest opposing manager just WAITING for it.We are shut out by the freaking Pittsburgh Pirates, by 2 of their starting pitchers whose ERAs were over 6 before the game TWO GAMES IN A ROW!I am trying, but I can't find much good to say about how we are doing.


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